Potion Approaching by Arctic Monkeys (insp.)

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i hate it when my “friends” just dismiss something i’m really passionate about like “oh you’re talking about that again” like shut up don’t ruin this for me do you know how many times i’ve pretended to care or even genuinely tried to get interested in what you like????? the least you could do is fake it rather than making me feel like a burden

This is one of the most hurtful things friends do

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Disney princess in haute couture


Antonio Berardi LFW Spring 2015 

Berardi’s Spring Summer woman is as delicately dressed as she is fierce. Swathed in chiffon one minute and suited in sharp bonded satin flares the next, she’s armed for garden parties and city-slicking alike. From voluminous coral to emrbroidered silk skirts that flow like water, there was a lot to love. | via Style